Benefits To Your Pets

Benefits To You


Pets feel more secure and adapt more readily to your being gone when they remain in the comfort of their own home.


Feeding, exercise, medical and toilet routines are maintained.


Pets receive affection and individual attention from their personal pet sitter.
I have been able to perform all contracted services without the need to hire staff. My clients prefer the personal touch and the fact that a host of strangers are not entering their residence instills a sense of security and accountability. Your pet(s) won’t be confused or upset by unfamiliar people entering their domain. Should an emergency arise, I have backup pet sitters on call to cover my appointments.


Pets are not exposed to other animals, sickness or parasites.

Bonded * Insured * City Licenced

American Red Cross Pet First-Aid Certified
Member of Pet Sitters International
Member of Pet Sitters Associates


While you’re away, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that your pets are safe, comfortable and content at home. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is being checked on daily.


You do not have to impose upon friends, family or neighbors to care for your pet. Instead, you can feel confident that your pet is receiving quality care from a reliable professional who puts your pet’s needs first. Skilled in caring for “special needs” pets: hearing impaired, sight impaired, mobility difficulties, diabetic, hyperthyroidism, epilepsy, geriatric issues, Cushing’s Disease-Hyperadrenocortism, etc. No charge to administer medications.


Your home will appear inhabited with the use of the following security procedures:

  • Daily visits checking the windows, doors, and alarm systems.
  • Turning various lights on and off.
  • Closing & opening various window coverings.
  • Bringing in the newspaper & mail and stacking them where they can not be seen from outside.
  • My car will not have any pet sitting signs calling attention to the fact that you are away.


  • No need to have mail, newspaper, package or bottled water delivery suspended.
  • No need to transport your pets to and from another location or having to abide by drop off and pick up schedules.
  • “Key On File” program makes requesting future service easy & if you ever get locked out, I can help.
  • Indoor plant care is provided.


  • Services can be customized to fit you and your pet’s individual needs.
  • No charge to accommodate last minute changes to service requests or short notice calls for service.
  • Lenient and reasonable cancellation policy.
  • No mileage charges.

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Being taken for a walk provides your dog(s) with exercise, excitement and a chance to burn off energy. Having a pet sitter come by to provide company, attention and a walk, breaks up your dog’s day and gives them something to look forward to.
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